The Maze Event: A Recap of Triumphs and Challenges


In Cyberpunk City Metaverse, “The Maze Event” emerged as a beacon of excitement, bringing together more than 250 enthusiastic participants who contributed to the event’s success.

Let’s review the statistics, highs, and lows, dive into technical difficulties, applaud the winners, appreciate the hardworking team behind the scenes, and look into the future.


Participants and viewers were treated to a maze of excitement, challenges, and rewards. The overall perception has been positive, with attendees expressing satisfaction with the event’s organization and content. The Maze Event delivered its promise of an immersive experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who participated.

One of the things participants loved most was supporting other projects and showing their logos inside Cyberpunk City Metaverse. We are so happy that we were able to bring the community together under the roof of the metaverse.

You can watch the event stream record here:

Cyberpunk City METAVERSE on Twitter: " @jackmelar36 is streaming #TheMaze event on @X 30 minutes left and your last chance to download the game and have fun in the #metaverse. Download #MultiversX $EGLD / Twitter"

@jackmelar36 is streaming #TheMaze event on @X 30 minutes left and your last chance to download the game and have fun in the #metaverse. Download #MultiversX $EGLD

Community Logos


The Maze Event drew an impressive crowd, with 250 participants engaging in the challenges presented. The event’s livestream reached a staggering 13,000 views, highlighting the widespread interest and participation. These statistics testify to the organizers’ ability to create an engaging and captivating experience.

13K+ viewers
100K+ impressions
250+ Metaverse participants from 27 countries & 114 cities

Technical Difficulties

No event is without its challenges, and The Maze Event was no exception. Unfortunately, technical hiccups, particularly in the audio department, posed a hurdle during the proceedings. The team has acknowledged these difficulties and is committed to learning from this experience to ensure future events run even more smoothly.


Acknowledging the technical challenges, the team is already brainstorming and implementing improvements.

Feedback from participants serves as a crucial guide for refining the event’s technical aspects. The commitment to continuous improvement is proof of the team’s dedication to delivering a seamless experience in future iterations.

Honoring the Silent Voices

A Grateful Acknowledgment to the Panel Speakers

Technical glitches disrupted the seamless flow of virtual events. Regrettably, some honorable speakers faced audio glitches at The Maze Event, yet their presence remained a profound testament to professionalism.

Despite being unable to share their insights live, these speakers gracefully navigated unforeseen challenges. Their commitment to the event and audience shone through, leaving a memorable mark on The Maze Event’s memory.

From here, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the speakers namely Vlad Bacila, (Business development lead @ PulsarMoneyᕽ,) Eddie Nuta (founder @ Valid Blocks,) Joaquim Tirach (CEO and co-founder @ Gaupa Labs) Pepiamin Pincu, Founder @ PepeVersX, Alexandru Palade (CEO @ Cantina Royale) and Crypto Mercy (CEO @ EAPESCLUB.)


Celebrating The Maze, and in the name of Christmas, a total of 3700 USD worth of rewards were distributed. The competition was fierce, and the winners got a taste of what a web3 high-quality game looks like.

Team Behind the Scenes

A round of applause goes to the dedicated team working tirelessly to bring The Maze Event to life and Cyberpunk City to the world. Their hard work, creativity, and commitment to excellence were evident in every aspect of the event, from conception to execution, plus aesthetics.

What’s Next?

While learning from the past and building in the present, our eyes are set on the future.

The team is excited to unveil the roadmap this Friday and whitepaper v2.0 on January 2024, offering a glimpse into the upcoming milestones and improvements.


The Maze Event was more than just a virtual gathering; it was a shared experience of challenges, triumphs, and collaboration. As we bid farewell to this maze, we eagerly anticipate the next adventure, armed with the lessons learned, improvements underway, and the team’s unwavering commitment. The Maze Event has set the stage for a future where virtual events continue to push boundaries and captivate audiences.

About Cyberpunk City

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