Cyberpunk City | November Update

Cyberpunk City’s November AMA

On November 1st, at 5 PM UTC, we hosted an engaging AMA session on our Discord channel, allowing our community to connect with us and learn more about the latest updates and developments.

The AMA served as a platform to discuss forthcoming updates and current developments within Cyberpunk City. The community’s questions were insightful, and we appreciated the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue.

Before the AMA, we initiated a giveaway of 10 EGLD, with 5 lucky winners selected from Twitter through likes and reposts and the remaining 5 chosen for posing the most insightful questions on our Discord platform. Our sincere congratulations go out to each of the 10 winners.

We also thank all participants for their thoughtful inquiries and active involvement in the discussion.

For those who may have missed the AMA, we invite you to catch up on the insightful conversation by visiting the provided link.

We plan to host more AMAs to foster continued dialogue with our community and encourage you to stay tuned for future sessions.

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The Maze Event

In November, our primary focus was on curating an outstanding maze experience that would captivate participants and leave them in awe. Countless hours were dedicated to strategic meetings and intensive development. The initial announcement generated a tangible sense of anticipation, and as the little details unfolded, the promise of an extraordinary Christmas-themed maze event became apparent.

Participants are invited to a mind-bending labyrinth, navigating various challenges, including cunning traps, mysterious doors, and delightful surprises. The stakes are high, and the top 5 fastest finishers are poised to receive handsome rewards for their ingenuity and agility. Integral to the success of this spectacular event is the exclusive panel within the metaverse, featuring well-known figures from various corners of the ecosystem. This gathering promises insightful discussions, giving participants a unique opportunity to listen to leaders in the space.

As we show in this cheerful maze celebration, the air is thick with excitement, and we eagerly anticipate the thrill and friendship that will unfold within the labyrinth of challenges and interaction.

It’s not just an event; it’s a window into the future of entertainment and engagement, where innovation and celebration join in the most enchanting way possible.

Cyberpunk City Joins MultiversX Hub As a Partner

MultiversX expressed its enthusiasm for the collaboration with Cyberpunk City. The Seoul partnership marks a strategic alliance between two visionary entities committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the blockchain, gaming, and metaverse industries.

On the keynote side, Halil Ibrahim Can, the co-founder of Cyberpunk City, has officially joined the MultiversX Hub Seoul, unlocking remarkable access to the expansive Asian market! This extraordinary collaboration has propelled our message to new heights and significantly broadened our global impact.

Taking the stage as a featured speaker, Halil shared his knowledge about the intricacies of crafting a blockchain-based game. He was also on a panel discussing navigating NFTs and metaverse.

This remarkable initiative has elevated our collective vision and set the stage for an unprecedented fusion of creativity and technological prowess. The journey ahead promises to be spectacular as we continue redefining the boundaries of possibility in the blockchain space, gaming, and the metaverse.


The whitepaper underwent significant enhancements, encompassing modifications in design, length, and the inclusion of crucial information. For example, we tackled the CityNFTs and the battle pass, responding comprehensively to the burning questions that resonated within our user base. Let’s dive into it in more detail:

The whitepaper’s visual elements have been refined in terms of design to ensure a more convenient presentation. The layout has been optimized for clarity, making it easier for readers to navigate and absorb the content easily.

Regarding length, we have expanded the white paper to provide a more comprehensive exploration of key topics. This expansion allows for a thorough exploration of concepts, ensuring that readers understand the various aspects of our project.

In response to community feedback, we’ve incorporated detailed explanations surrounding the functionality of CityNFTs. This addition aims to provide users with a clear and concise overview of how these unique assets operate within our ecosystem.

Additionally, we’ve made an overview of the battle pass, shedding light on its mechanics and benefits.

These enhancements collectively contribute to a whitepaper that serves as a comprehensive informational hub and a testament to our commitment to transparency and community engagement. These modifications will give our community the knowledge needed to participate in our ecosystem.


Recognizing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the mainstream, we felt a unique opportunity to harness its capabilities within the metaverse. It became evident that AI is an indispensable technology that every metaverse should operate with, given its capacity to elevate user experiences and functionality to unprecedented levels.

In line with this vision, we have partnered with Tencent, a global technology leader, to infuse AI with a more profound purpose in the metaverse. Our endeavor focuses on giving NPCs a voice and enhancing communication dynamics.

By integrating AI into the fabric of our metaverse, we aim to redefine the role of NPCs, endowing them with the ability to communicate in a manner that is responsive and infused with a natural and authentic quality. This initiative aims to bridge the gap between virtual and real-world interactions, setting a new standard for the level of engagement users can expect within the metaverse.

Ambassador Program

After launching our ambassador program for a while now, we’re thrilled to introduce our two ambassadors, Alex Ștefănescu and Crypto Jones! Their passion for our mission and commitment to community engagement are genuinely praiseworthy, and we can’t wait to see how their unique strengths will contribute to our growth.

Welcoming Crypto Jones with his positive and passionate approach is a delight, and we’re equally excited to have the experienced and energetic Alex Ștefănescu on board. We anticipate an incredible journey ahead.

Their excellent skills and dedication will undoubtedly drive us to new heights. As we grow and evolve, their contributions will shape the future of our community.

IXFI Campaign

Cyberpunk City has joined the IXFI Campaign, the biggest giveaway hosted on the MultiversX network. The sheer volume of the prize is immense, with a collective value reaching tens of thousands of dollars. Cyberpunk City has contributed its share to this campaign in the spirit of community and shared enthusiasm.

This endeavor, spanning the vast realms of the MultiversX network, promises an unparalleled experience and an opportunity to win substantial prizes. Cyberpunk City’s involvement adds a distinctive flavor to this digital spectacle, bringing its unique essence to the forefront of this captivating campaign.

For those eager to get into the excitement and explore the possibilities, detailed information on joining this giveaway awaits. Navigate through the IXFI Campaign by clicking on the following link.

CitizenNFT Rewards

CitizenNFT holders received a significant distribution, further adding value to their holdings. 848 CitizenNFT owners (which had 4047 CitizenNFTs) were rewarded with a distribution of 121,000 $CYBER tokens. This distribution served as a recognition of their participation and ownership within the Cyberpunk City ecosystem.

Cyberpunk Staking Rewards

More than 694 delegators have received a distribution of 177,000 $CYBER as staking rewards. The profitability of staking with Cyberpunk Stake in the MultiversX ecosystem is unparalleled, making it the most lucrative staking provider available.

By staking $EGLD, you not only earn $EGLD but also receive additional rewards in $CYBER. This dual-earning opportunity allows participants to maximize their returns and take advantage of the benefits offered by Cyberpunk Stake.

Don’t miss out on the chance to STAKE your $EGLD and start earning a combination of $CYBER and $EGLD. You can join our Telegram for any questions or inquiries as well.

Cyberpunk City ($CYBER) Stats

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve and grow, investors and users alike need to stay updated on the latest developments and trends. That’s why we will try to provide monthly updates on the performance and statistics of our cryptocurrency, including critical metrics like market capitalization, trading volume, and price. By tracking these essential indicators monthly, we aim to provide our users with the insights and information they need to make informed decisions about their investments and usage of our coin. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the latest stats for our cryptocurrency!

Listing Price: 0.0015 $EGLD per $CYBER
Initial Liquidity: 1700 $EGLD — 1,133,333 $CYBER
Current Liquidity: 7,943 $EGLD — 2,028,288 $CYBER
November’s Average Price: 0.155$ or 0.0037 $EGLD
November’s Market Cap:
4–5 million dollars.
November’s Trading Volume: ~$768,437

About Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City, one of the world’s first blockchain-enabled Metaverse MMOs, was developed by a group of enthusiastic developers who are proud to be a part of the MultiversX ecosystem and want to contribute to its further development. One of Cyberpunk City’s many unique features is the “Own the Game” concept behind it. We developed this concept to combat the rapid inflations caused by the “Play to Earn” system. To put it simply, by owning an NFT, you get to own the game.

Cyberpunk City Metaverse – One of the first functioning metaverses built on UE5 offering immersive and unique gaming experiences as well as socializing and holding events.

For more information, please visit us:

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