Cyberpunk City | 2023 Recap

As we bid farewell to an eventful 2023, Cyberpunk City takes a moment to reflect on a year filled with milestones, partnerships, and community engagement. It has been an incredible journey from the alpha release that introduced us to an immersive metaverse to winning awards at xDay2023 and joining forces with MultiversX.

Our community has been at the heart of this adventure, exploring hidden easter eggs, participating in events like “The Maze,” and supporting us through thick and thin. The growth and success of Cyberpunk City wouldn’t be possible without your enthusiasm and feedback during our alpha phase.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our journey — from community members and partners to influencers and investors. Your support has propelled us forward, and we’re excited about the promising future.

As we enter the new year, we look forward to bringing you enhanced features, partnerships, and a larger virtual universe with the upcoming beta release. Thank you for being a part of the Cyberpunk City community. Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous New Year!

Alpha Release

Let’s start with the Alpha release: Cyberpunk City’s alpha version launched on June 6, 2023, marking a significant step in creating an immersive metaverse. The Alpha provides a space for socializing and exploration in a cyberpunk universe with stunning visuals. The release is just the beginning, with the beta phase promising enhanced features, optimization, and a larger virtual universe.

The alpha includes five hidden easter eggs for the community to discover, adding excitement to the experience. More easter eggs are planned for the upcoming beta release.

Community engagement is central to Cyberpunk City’s vision. We appreciate the support and feedback during the alpha phase, emphasizing the collaborative shaping of the metaverse’s future.

A worth-mentioning community event, the “Saturday Night Race Car Party,” brought people together for an enjoyable time dedicated to cars, racing, and fun.

Cyberpunk City | Alpha Game Test


Cyberpunk City’s journey to xDay2023 began with a mission to leave an unforgettable mark despite challenges like bringing 4 PCs on land, securing visas, and crafting a captivating cinematic trailer. In other words, meticulous preparations that eventually paid off.

At xDay2023, the booth stole the show, attracting a diverse crowd, including gamers and influencers. Beniamin endorsed Cyberpunk City as his favorite startup, and we had a keynote speech and participated in the Hackathon panel. The climax was winning The Most Creative Project and The Best Designed Project awards.

One remarkable highlight of the event was the meaningful connections we forged. We had the privilege of meeting not only our dedicated community members but also MultiversX team members, fellow projects, investors, and VCs, and we even had engaging discussions with representatives from Tencent Cloud and other associates from Binance.

Many of these connections have opened doors to ongoing communication, and we are excited about the prospects of bringing valuable opportunities to Cyberpunk City.

This event marked a significant leap forward, promising a horizon filled with exciting possibilities.

Cyberpunk City METAVERSE on Twitter: " Recap of #xDay2023 Let's take a journey and relive the moments! The xDay2023 unfolded with innovation and inspiration. ✨From a shocking trailer to a vibrant booth, here's a snapshot of what went down: / Twitter"

Recap of #xDay2023 Let's take a journey and relive the moments! The xDay2023 unfolded with innovation and inspiration. ✨From a shocking trailer to a vibrant booth, here's a snapshot of what went down:

The Maze Event: Triumphs & Challenges

In Cyberpunk City Metaverse, one of the most important milestones this year was “The Maze Event,” which emerged as a beacon of excitement, bringing together more than 250 enthusiastic participants from 27 countries who contributed to the event’s success and more than 14,000 views and 100k impressions on the X stream. Plus thirty-two project logos were added to Cyberpunk City characters’ clothes.

These numbers signify the event’s importance and magnitude. While The Maze is one of the most significant virtual events on the MultiversX, it only serves as a reminder of how much more can be done in the future.

The Maze Event: A Recap of Triumphs and Challenges

Cyberpunk City METAVERSE on Twitter: "This is #TheMaze Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure on #MultiversX. Win 50 $EGLD worth of prizes, navigate the complex maze, and participate in a panel with well-known figures.Take the chance to be part of this! Agenda is coming / Twitter"

This is #TheMaze Get ready for a mind-blowing adventure on #MultiversX. Win 50 $EGLD worth of prizes, navigate the complex maze, and participate in a panel with well-known figures.Take the chance to be part of this! Agenda is coming

Cyberpunk City Joins MultiversX Hub As a Partner

MultiversX proudly announced its strategic collaboration with Cyberpunk City, a visionary alliance aimed at pushing the limits of innovation in blockchain, gaming, and the metaverse.

Including Halil Ibrahim Can, Cyberpunk City’s co-founder, in the MultiversX Hub, Seoul marked a pivotal moment, providing remarkable access to the Asian market.

Halil showcased his expertise at a keynote and panel, delving into the intricacies of blockchain-based gaming and navigating NFTs in the metaverse.

Cyberpunk City Co-Founders in Sibiu

The co-founders of Cyberpunk City made a trip to Sibiu, Romania, where they organized a community meetup on July 16th.

In addition, the co-founders had the opportunity to explore the MultiversX headquarters, engage with the team, and discuss the promising future of Cyberpunk City.

Cyberpunk City METAVERSE on Twitter: " Exciting day at @MultiversX HQ! Met the amazing MultiversX team for a "million-dollar chat" and got to connect with our awesome community in person. Looking forward to more events and meetups like this!Let's reunite during #XDay 2! #MultiversX #HypergrowthX / Twitter"

Exciting day at @MultiversX HQ! Met the amazing MultiversX team for a "million-dollar chat" and got to connect with our awesome community in person. Looking forward to more events and meetups like this!Let's reunite during #XDay 2! #MultiversX #HypergrowthX

WalletConnect v2.0

We are the first to integrate WalletConnect v2.0 with Unreal Engine 5. It is ready to communicate with the blockchain, perform the sign-in, and send TX functions. It was challenging and took more than 190 hours.

The integration of WalletConnect v2.0 provides more security and adds more features, and to find it, you may visit Github.

xExchange Listing

After an anticipated wait, the CYBER token has secured its listing on xExchange, marking a monumental milestone for the Cyberpunk City Metaverse. Including CYBER on xExchangeApp signifies a significant leap forward for our project and promises to catapult its visibility to new heights. The listing on xExchange serves as a gateway for a broader audience to engage with and support our ecosystem.

Korea Blockchain Week & TOKEN2049 insights

This year, we were thrilled to participate in Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) in Seoul, a bustling hub for technological advancements and a haven for crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. The week-long event attracted thousands of attendees, including industry experts, innovators, and thought leaders, each contributing to an atmosphere of ideas and possibilities.

TOKEN2049 also proved to be the cornerstone event of the year in the blockchain universe. The grandiose gathering boasted participation from over 300 companies and captivated over 10,000 attendees — a vivid testament to the surging interest in decentralized technologies.

Korea Blockchain Week & TOKEN2049 insights

CitizenNFT mint (phase 1) sold out.

One successful milestone is the completion of Phase 1, where all 3000 CitizenNFTs were swiftly sold out. In a strategic move against inflation, we implemented a token-burning mechanism, burning half of the minted $CYBER, totaling 1.4 million $CYBER.

As we progress towards the Beta release, we remain committed to the ongoing distribution of $CYBER. For those who couldn’t participate in the initial phase of the CitizenNFT mint, there’s still an opportunity to acquire them through this link.

This presents an excellent chance to own a unique piece of digital art with utility in the metaverse.

The One-Pager

The team crafted a precise One-Pager, meticulously placing the content to ensure accurate and relevant information delivery. This document serves as a summary and an essential insight into one page.

The One-Pager offers a comprehensive overview that captures the essence of the project, allowing holders or new members to grasp the most critical aspects at a glance.

We also incorporated a well-designed Revenue Model, which effectively presents complex information in a user-friendly manner, ensuring clarity and easy comprehension.

$CYBER-$EGLD farms on xExchange

The launch of $CYBER-$EGLD Farms on xExchange opens doors to a new era of decentralized finance in Cyberpunk City.

By contributing liquidity to the CYBER-EGLD pool, participants can earn rewards in tokens and shape the future of DeFi in the metaverse. The Liquidity Farm introduces a dynamic financial ecosystem, allowing users to stake their LP tokens and earn XMEX as a reward, with the APR subject to TVL.

Users can also leverage MEX tokens, engage in governance, and optimize liquidity strategy with MEXC’s energy to maximize returns.

The future of finance is here, and the opportunity should not be missed!


Introducing our strategic partners, each assisting us on this ongoing journey of fortifying and advancing our platform. These collaborations stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Together with these partners, we venture on a mission to strengthen the foundations of our digital infrastructure and push the boundaries of what’s possible. These partnerships embody a shared vision of progress, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, and these are the key players in our journey: EAPES, Hatom, AshSwap, Proteo, DX25, and BGA.

Cyberpunk Stake

Launched in early 2023, Cyberpunk Stake has rapidly evolved from a modest DeFi initiative into a robust ecosystem with 14 nodes. Its community has grown to include 743 delegators, demonstrating widespread trust and engagement.

Currently holding more than 66,000 $EGLD, Cyberpunk Stake is a prominent player in decentralized finance. This success highlights the commitment to decentralization, resilience, and community-driven growth, showcasing its impact on the future of financial ecosystems.

Key Developments Summary

Throughout the year, we’ve achieved many things; some stand out and are worth mentioning. These accomplishments reflect the team’s hard work and progress; some were only possible because of our community, showcasing significant progress in various aspects of our project. Together, they contribute to our overall success and growth.

Here’s a summarized list of the key developments and achievements for Cyberpunk City in 2023:

Alpha Release:

  • Launched the Alpha version of Cyberpunk City’s metaverse.
  • Introduced socializing and exploration in a cyberpunk Metaverse.
  • Engaged the community in an event called “Saturday Night Race Car Party.”
  • Included five hidden easter eggs for the community to discover.
  • Gathered valuable feedback and support during the alpha phase.
  • Released Cyberpunk City Alpha Trailer.
  • CyberCase Opening.


  • A booth that attracted gamers, influencers, and diverse crowds.
  • Won The Most Creative Project and The Best Designed Project awards.
  • Forged meaningful connections with community members, MultiversX, investors, VCs, Tencent Cloud, and Binance associates.
  • Participated in a keynote and panel speech.

The Maze Event:

  • Attracted over 250 participants from 27 countries.
  • Achieved 14,000 views and 100k impressions on the X stream.
  • Integrated 32 project logos onto Cyberpunk City characters’ clothes.

Integrations and Expansions

  • Achieved CMC and CoinGecko listing.
  • Secured listing of CYBER token on xExchange.
  • Got xExchange $CYBER-$EGLD farm.
  • Expanded the team to 15 members.

Technological Integrations:

  • Integrated WalletConnect v2.0 with Unreal Engine 5.
  • Integrated Tencent cloud voice chat.
  • Integrated Ashswap Aggregator in Cyberpunk City’s dApp.
  • Cyberpunk City dApp on xPortalApp hub.


  • Participated in Korea Blockchain Week and TOKEN2049.
  • Attended Istanbul Blockchain Week.
  • Participated in MultiversX Seoul Hub.
  • Visited MultiversX headquarters in Sibiu, Romania.
  • Conducted a successful community meetup in Sibiu, Romania.

Community and Marketing:

  • Launched CitizenNFT minting (phase 1 and phase 2).
  • Created a comprehensive One-Pager for project overview.
  • Launched the ambassador program.
  • Roadmap 2024 release.
  • Participated in the IXFI campaign.
  • Acquiring cyberpunkcity Twitter handle.
  • Hosted Volkan Korkmaz in Cyberpunk City’s office.
  • Created great partnerships.
  • Cyberpunk City Featured xSpotlight.

Other Developments/stats:

  • 1274 CitizenNFT has been minted, ~500K CYBER burned.
  • Approximately 60M CYBER traded and ~117,000 tx executed.
  • Added 14 nodes (Seven active and Seven in the queue.)
  • 66,000 $EGLD staked in Cyberpunk Stake.
  • Conducted a KYC.

Other Developments (December)

In December, Cyberpunk City experienced significant progress and concluded the year on a high note, marked by dedicated efforts from the team. Alongside the prominent updates mentioned earlier, substantial behind-the-scenes work took place.

This included the integration of Tencent cloud voice chat, introducing a festive Christmas-themed maze event featuring exclusive clothing and assets, incorporating wearable clothes from other projects into the event, a comprehensive redesign of the game’s UI, and enhancements to audio and GPU settings.

The team also diligently worked on optimizing Steam and Epic Game listings, implemented a smart contract system for efficient maze event reward distributions, introduced additional animations for the maze event, and integrated the Ashswap Aggregator in Cyberpunk City’s dApp.

Noteworthy additions also encompassed a leaderboard component for the maze event, intricate designs for weapons and clothing in the upcoming battle royale mode, as well as the creation of maps, animations, and various assets for the same mode.

Furthermore, the team introduced new server-side networking services and focused on elevating code quality across the board. This collective effort resulted in a successful month of achievements and advancements for Cyberpunk City.

CitizenNFT Rewards

CitizenNFT holders received a significant distribution, further adding value to their holdings. 865 CitizenNFT owners (which had 4105 CitizenNFTs) were rewarded with a distribution of 123,000 $CYBER tokens. This distribution served as a recognition of their participation and ownership within the Cyberpunk City ecosystem.

Cyberpunk Staking Rewards

More than 743 delegators have received a distribution of 227,000 $CYBER as staking rewards. The profitability of staking with Cyberpunk Stake in the MultiversX ecosystem is unparalleled, making it the most lucrative staking provider available.

By staking $EGLD, you not only earn $EGLD but also receive additional rewards in $CYBER. This dual-earning opportunity allows participants to maximize their returns and take advantage of the benefits offered by Cyberpunk Stake.

Don’t miss out on the chance to STAKE your $EGLD and start earning a combination of $CYBER and $EGLD. You can join our Telegram for any questions or inquiries as well.

Cyberpunk City ($CYBER) Stats

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve and grow, investors and users must stay updated on the latest developments and trends. That’s why we will try to provide monthly updates on the performance and statistics of our cryptocurrency, including critical metrics like market capitalization, trading volume, and price. By tracking these essential indicators monthly, we aim to provide our users with the insights and information they need to make informed decisions about their investments and usage of our coin. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the latest stats for our cryptocurrency!

Listing Price: 0.0015 $EGLD per $CYBER
Initial Liquidity: 1700 $EGLD — 1,133,333 $CYBER
Current Liquidity: 6,485 $EGLD — 2,286,694 $CYBER
December’s Average Price: 0.231$ or 0.00368 $EGLD
December’s Market Cap:
7–8 million dollars.
December’s Trading Volume: ~$1,434,000

About Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City, one of the world’s first blockchain-enabled Metaverse MMOs, was developed by a group of enthusiastic developers proud to be a part of the MultiversX ecosystem and want to contribute to its further development. One of Cyberpunk City’s many unique features is the “Own the Game” concept behind it. We developed this concept to combat the rapid inflations caused by the “Play to Earn” system. By owning an NFT, you get to own the game.

Cyberpunk City Metaverse – One of the first functioning metaverses built on UE5 offering immersive and unique gaming experiences as well as socializing and holding events.

For more information, please visit us:

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