Cyberpunk City | April Update

Welcome to the April update for Cyberpunk City! This past month has been bustling with activity as we continue to push the boundaries of game development and expand our presence in the blockchain and gaming communities. From attending key industry events to unveiling exciting new features and welcoming fresh talent to our team, there’s plenty to cover. Let’s delve into the highlights and milestones we’ve achieved in April, and what lies ahead for Cyberpunk City.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Engagement in Events: April saw our team actively participating in various blockchain and gaming events in Dubai, fostering partnerships, exploring trends, and networking with industry leaders. From Blockchain Life to Web3 Summit Dubai and Token 2049, we’ve been deeply engaged in shaping the future of gaming and blockchain technology.
  2. Game Development Progress: Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of game development is evident in the updates we’ve made to Cyberpunk City. From enhancing car designs to animating the Mecha Robot and developing new maps like Steel Plant and Prison Maps, we’re constantly striving to deliver immersive experiences to our players.
  3. Team Expansion: We’re thrilled to welcome three new members to our team, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to further elevate Cyberpunk City. With Androws Anbunesan as our Head of Marketing, Utku Gunay as our Community Manager, and Murat Doganay as our Game Designer, we’re poised for even greater innovation and growth.
  4. Upcoming Milestones: Looking ahead, we’re excited about the upcoming launch of our demo game in the first week of June, showcasing the latest features and updates. Additionally, we’re laying the groundwork for significant expansions in our gaming ecosystem with CyberNetwork, fostering partnerships and building towards a dynamic future.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments from Cyberpunk City as we continue to redefine the gaming landscape and empower players worldwide. Thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm!

Events and Engagements:

In April, our co-founder, Halil, and the team were active at several key blockchain and gaming events in Dubai:

Blockchain and Web3 Conferences: We attended Blockchain Life, Web3 Summit Dubai, and Token 2049, where we explored partnerships and current trends.

Gaming and Investment Meetings: At events like the Gamer’s Breakfast and the Dubai Web3 Gaming Grand Party, we discussed new ideas and opportunities in gaming.

Networking Events: The MultiversX & Morningstar Ventures Dinner and other meet-ups were great for connecting with leaders in the blockchain world.

Game Development Updates:

Car Collection: We’ve updated our cars with new designs and features, especially the Galaxy car, which is now more exciting than ever.

Mecha Robot: The Mecha Robot we sketched last month is now fully animated. Check out our latest videos where it chases one of our citizens Hi-Monkey and a new car.

Map Development: We’re making good progress on our Death Match and Battle Royale maps, including new ones like the Steel Plant and Prison Maps we drafted for the Battle Royale.

Team Expansion:

We’re thrilled to welcome three new members to out team this April.

  • Androws Anbunesan joins as our new Head of Marketing
  • Utku Gunay is our new Community Manger.
  • Murat Doganay comes on board as our Game Designer.

Their unique talents and perspectives are sure to bring great values and innovation to Cyberpunk City.

Looking Ahead:

We’re excited about what’s coming up:

Demo Game Launch: Mark your calendars! We’re targeting the first week of June to launch our demo game, which will showcase the latest features and updates.

CyberNetwork: We are currently establishing partnerships for CyberNetwork, laying the groundwork for significant expansions in our gaming ecosystem.

Thanks for your support and excitement about Cyberpunk City. Stay tuned for more news next month, and we hope to see you at our next event!

Cyberpunk City ($CYBER) Stats

As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to evolve and grow, investors and users must stay updated on the latest developments and trends. That’s why we will try to provide monthly updates on the performance and statistics of our cryptocurrency, including critical metrics like market capitalization, trading volume, and price. By tracking these essential indicators monthly, we aim to provide our users with the insights and information they need to make informed decisions about their investments and usage of our coin. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the latest stats for our cryptocurrency!

Listing Price: 0.0015 $EGLD per $CYBER
Initial Liquidity: 1700 $EGLD — 1,133,333 $CYBER
Current Liquidity: 5,008 $EGLD — 1,650,760 $CYBER
April’s Average Price: 0.137$ or 0.003 $EGLD
April’s Market Cap:
3–4 million dollars.
March’s Trading Volume: ~$669,000

About Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City is an innovative gaming and metaverse platform that combines Unreal Engine 5’s stunning graphics and the blockchain technology. It is designed for blockchain enthusiasts and PC gamers, offering a metaverse for social interaction and a PvP mode.

One of Cyberpunk City’s many unique features is the “Own the Game” concept behind it. We developed this concept to combat the rapid inflations caused by the “Play to Earn” system. By owning an NFT, you get to own the game.

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